Commercial air conditioning systems are specifically designed for commercial applications on a large scale. These systems require regular services and a comprehensive maintenance plan because of the huge year-round demand on it. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has a professional team that can install, service and maintain commercial air conditioning systems in Los Angeles. We have installed commercial air conditioning systems in shopping centers, shopping malls and office buildings across America. Our certified technicians are qualified to service your commercial air conditioning system or assist you with an upgrade to your existing system. We provide excellent service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial air conditioning installation is a complicated task that should only be undertaken by  seasoned professionals who knows the intricacies of all the types of systems. Our commercial air conditioning installation is only the initial phase of the project. Due to the heavy workload on commercial air conditioning systems, they require regular services and a detailed maintenance plan to ensure they stay operational year round.

It will take between one and two days to install a commercial air conditioning system in a double story building. Replacing an old system will take less than a day because of the convenience of the existing air ducts. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. offers a range of other products for owners of commercial buildings that require energy efficient air conditioning installations. These products include dehumidifiers, anti-pollution devices and ventilation systems that help keep the air free of odors, contaminants and allergens.

Commercial air conditioning installation in the Los Angeles area is complicated and should be done by a professional company with a proven track record. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. offers high quality installation, thorough maintenance and regular services. We pay heed to energy efficiency to save costs whilst providing efficient cooling in your building.