We at Air Wave Technologies, Inc. have the most experienced, certified technicians in the Los Angeles area to service and maintain your Commercial Air Conditioning System. Due to the high year-round demands that are placed on these commercial air conditioning systems, they require regular services and maintenance. Our top management has over 50 years of combined experience between them and their values have been instilled in our staff. Our experienced technicians can install, service and maintain most commercial air conditioning systems found in office buildings, shopping malls and commercial buildings in America. We are available all day and all night to assist you with an upgrade to your existing units or to schedule a service of your existing system.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Commercial buildings can generate a huge amount of heat and your commercial air conditioning system will need to be properly maintained to provide comfort to your customers, patients and workers. It is advisable that you schedule inspections twice a year with our commercial air conditioning maintenance specialists. Our maintenance crews will identify possible problem areas that should be addressed before they get out of hand. If they are ignored it could cost you the expense of a large repair or end up in an emergency situation later on.

There are some simple maintenance tasks that the owner or caretaker of a commercial property can undertake to ensure that the system functions at its optimum. Clearing leaves, dirt and other debris from the air flow ducts will ensure a free airflow into and out of your system. Remove debris from drain openings on a regular basis.

Our expert service technicians will do a thorough maintenance inspection of your system which includes a refrigerant level check, a check on the coil and box for debris and an examination for possible damage to the motor and blades. The technicians will also apply lubricants where needed. Our experienced staff is trained to avoid possible future damage to your system by inspecting the controls, wiring, connections and compressor. Give us a call today for all your Los Angeles Commercial air conditioning maintenance needs.