Commercial Air Conditioning systems are huge systems that are installed in commercial buildings. These systems require regular maintenance because of the high demand on them right through the year. Our experienced staff can service, maintain, and install most commercial air conditioning systems found in office buildings, shopping centers and malls across America. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. will upgrade your existing system to reduce energy cost or service your existing system. We are available all day and all night.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Your commercial air conditioning system is in need of repair when it starts to function erratically or stop working altogether. A building that has insufficient cooling will drive away customers and cause the workers to be less productive. Our commercial air conditioning repair services will assess the situation based on your feedback and after an inspection of the system itself.

We have established ourselves as the leading commercial air conditioning repair company in Los Angeles. Our experienced technicians will use a comprehensive checklist to diagnose the cooling system. Some of the items that they will attend to are:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • The condition of the air handling unit
  • The functionality of the compressor unit
  • The functionality of the condenser unit
  • Duct system defects
  • Controls and Switches

Most customers don’t realize that the vast majority of refrigeration  problems lie with the controls and switches. Electrical connections and electrical controls are responsible for most system problems. Our professional repair technicians will ensure that control switches, circuit breakers and switches are all functional and fully operational when they attend to a commercial air conditioning repair problem.