Air Wave Technologies, Inc. have a professional team of technicians that are all NATE certified and have received training at the finest trade colleges in America. Our company has earned a reputation for having the best technicians in the Los Angeles area. We strive for service excellence by enrolling our technicians in regular training programs on the latest heating technologies. The efficiency of heating systems has become crucial with the rising costs of electricity. We will install, replace and maintain your heating equipment and ensure that your system operates at maximum efficiency. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Heating Services

Air conditioning and heating systems consists of three main components. The air intake system at a regulated temperature, the air distribution system and the thermostat that regulates the temperature make up the heating system. Most homes have a central air conditioning system that houses all three these systems in one unit. With larger buildings the air conditioning and the heating systems can be designed to operate in their own self-contained units.

The basic principle on which air conditioning and heating systems operates is based on the movement of air from a warmer environment to a cooler environment. Air conditioners remove hot air from a building whilst heaters provide warm air. Heating systems can operate on electricity, gas or oil but air conditioners only function on electricity. A duct system distributes warm air throughout the building. Older heating systems heat and store water in a boiler. Pipes that are installed in the floors, ceilings and walls distribute the hot water throughout the building.

Air conditioning systems have coils filled with gas that is cooled to a liquid form. The warm air in the building is cooled down when it comes in contact with the cold coils. As with a heating system, the cold air is distributed throughout the building by a network of ducts.