Air Wave Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of services which include central heating installations and repairs in Los Angeles. We have established ourselves over a period of twenty years as the leader in the installation of all types of central heating systems. When you contact our friendly consultants, an appointment for a comprehensive assessment will be scheduled at your home. Considerations such as the size of your home, the heating efficiency and the type of system needed will determine which system is ideal for your needs. The entire system will be designed by our professional team and the installation date will be scheduled.

Heating Installation

One of the keys to effective and efficient residential heating installation is determining the correct size heating system for that specific house. With the advancements in technology, modern heating systems have become more efficient than systems as new as 10 years old. Weatherproofing your house will also increase the efficiency of heating systems tremendously. Upgrading your residential heating installation will definitely make it more efficient and save you money. It is imperative that you increase the size of your heating unit when you do an upgrade. Our trained technicians will do a comprehensive calculation of your heating requirements and formulate a complete heating solution for your home.

Gas and electricity providers in the residential areas will calculate the correct size of a residential heating installation. This service is cheap and affordable. They use the “Manual J” method to calculate the  heating requirements of a home. This method is one of the approved standards and is based on a publication by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. There are several factors that need to be considered to determine the correct size of a residential installation. Some of these factors are air leakages in the house, the type of windows and the R-value of the insulation in the house. It is crucial to determine the correct size of the heating unit for a building for an efficient and effective heating solution.

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