Maintaining your equipment is a key to maximizing the efficiency and extending the life of your equipment. We have the tools and experience to maintain your equipment to provide years of reliable service. Our maintenance department specializes in all types of heating equipment. From replacing filters to cleaning coils and lubricating bearings, Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has  expert technicians  for all of your maintenance needs.

Heating Maintenance

Air Wave Technologies, Inc. provides expert heating system maintenance services to hundreds of customers in Los Angeles. To prevent a heating system failure you should regularly attend to minor maintenance tasks. Check the obvious reasons for system failure first. Check that the circuit breaker is on. Make sure that the system is set correctly on the control panel. For issues with your outdoor unit you should acquire the services of our professional technicians. Don’t risk your own safety.

the condensing fan motor on the outside unit should be checked regularly to ensure that it runs smoothly. If it is static you should consider replacing the motor.

Over time dirt and grime build up between the contactors, preventing them from switching the unit on or off. The easiest way to solve this problem is to blow the dirt away with a can of compressed air. If that does not solve the problem you can give us a call.