Air Wave Technologies, Inc. brings comfort to your home or business with a full range of services, including professional installation, fast repairs, reliable maintenance and more. We are the recognized leader in all facets of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the greater Los Angeles area.

Heating Service

Even with the best brand of heating systems there will be occasions when a problem arises that need to be looked at. You will require the services of a trained professional to repair the heating system. We at Air Wave Technologies, Inc. provide a comprehensive service plan for your heating system. We have been servicing heating systems in Los Angeles for the last 20 years.

Our certified repair technicians will attend to your service needs in double quick time. In order to speed up the service time you could do a diagnosis of your heating system. Before you attempt to troubleshoot your system you must cut the power supply.

Check the condenser motor on the outside. If it remains static you could need a new capacitor or a new motor. A fan blade that is difficult to  turn might be an indication of a broken motor that needs to be replaced. When  your system is operational you should hear the compressor operating. Compressors have a tendency to be reluctant to start after long periods of inactivity. Our technicians will determine whether it could be restarted or a new compressor is needed.

Check for dirt or debris between the contact points of your outdoor condensing unit. Dirt is the main reason for a condensing unit not being able to shut down. Ensure that there is no ice build-up on the indoor evaporator coil that is preventing airflow through the duct network. The easiest way to clean the contact points is to blow out debris with a can of compressed air.

Call our experienced repair technicians immediately to attend to your heating system repairs. We have thousands of customers that are very satisfied with our repair service.