Industrial air conditioning systems are manufactured and installed to provide ventilation and cooling to massive areas. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has been installing industrial air conditioning systems in and around Los Angeles for the past 20 years. Due to our high quality installation services and excellent customer services we are the leaders in our industry. Industrial air conditioning systems consist of  large liquid coolers that supply cold water to fan coils where heat is removed from the air. Water pumps deliver cold water to as many as thousands of fan coils that are part of the system.  These fan coils are installed throughout the building, hospital, or shopping mall. The liquid coolers require regular maintenance and water purification to ensure optimal performance. Our certified technicians will install a system that can monitor a wide range of operating parameters. Water temperature and pressure can be monitored on location or via a secured internet connection. We do the installation, service and replacement of most liquid coolers and cooling towers throughout America.

Industrial Air Conditioning Installation

There are several factors that will determine the difficulty of an industrial air conditioning installation. One needs to consider if the installation will be done while the building is under construction. In such a case the installation could take place at the same time as the other construction processes. Another factor that is important is whether it will be a brand installation or the replacement of an existing system.

Perhaps the most challenging installation project is when an installation has to be done an older building that has never had a central air conditioning system before. Fitting the air ducts could be a daunting task and upgrades to the electrical system could be necessary. Insulation might also have to be replaced in order to maximize the efficiency of the new system.

The installation process could be much easier when an existing system is replaced, especially if the duct sizes match that of the new system. Electrical upgrades might still be required though. We are renowned in Los Angeles for high quality installations in older buildings. Our professional technicians will ensure that your industrial air conditioning installation project meets your approval.

An  industrial air conditioning installation in a new building should be coordinated with other phases of the construction project and coordinated with the architectural and mechanical designers.