Industrial air conditioning systems consist of  large liquid coolers that supply cold water to fan coils where heat is removed from the air. Water pumps deliver cold water to as many as thousands of fan coils that are part of the system.  These fan coils are installed throughout the building, hospital, or shopping mall. The liquid coolers require regular maintenance and water purification to ensure optimal performance. Our certified technicians will install a system that can monitor a wide range of operating parameters. Water temperature and pressure can be monitored on location or via a secured internet connection. We do the installation, service and replacement of most liquid coolers and cooling towers throughout America.

Industrial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Industrial air conditioning operates on a whole spectrum of systems that are vastly different than that of a house. Temperature sensitive environments like hospitals and big IT companies that own expensive computers and servers require sophisticated cooling systems. Our specialists will design and adapt your industrial cooling system and its maintenance according to your needs.

Because Industrial air conditioners are fitted to very large buildings that sometimes house thousands of workers or patients, in the case of hospitals, maintenance is vital. An air conditioner failure could affect the productivity of hundreds of workers and even lead to hospitalization. It is therefore crucial  that regular inspections take place to determine the state of the cooling system. Our maintenance crews will identify possible problem areas that should be addressed before they get out of hand. If they are ignored it could cost you the expense of a large repair or end up in an emergency situation later on. . It is advisable that you schedule inspections twice a year with our industrial air conditioning maintenance specialists. There are some simple maintenance tasks that the owner or caretaker of an industrial property can undertake to ensure that the system functions at its optimum. Clearing leaves, dirt and other debris from the air flow ducts will ensure a free airflow into and out of your system. Remove debris from drain openings on a regular basis. Give us a call today for all your Los Angeles industrial air conditioning maintenance needs.