Industrial air conditioning is used more extensively today than ever before. This is mostly  due to the increased heat caused by global warming.  Better technologies in industrial air conditioning systems have made them more affordable. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has expertly trained, certified technicians that will install and repair all famous brands of industrial air conditioning equipment.

Industries that require a lot of mechanical work are very dependent on a fully functioning cooling system. It has been proven that workers are more productive in comfortable work conditions. Machinery and electronics are also susceptible to high temperatures. It is therefore imperative that professional air conditioning repair experts are available to fix breakdowns.

Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has professional air conditioner repair teams who will attend to any crisis situation. We are on call 24 hours a day to quickly respond, assess and repair clients’ cooling equipment.  We have established ourselves as the leading industrial air conditioning repair company in Los Angeles.

Our experienced technicians will use a comprehensive checklist to diagnose the cooling system. Their checklist include checking controls and switches, ducts systems, the air handling units, refrigerant leaks and the condition of compressors and condensers.

Most customers don’t realize that the vast majority of refrigeration  problems lie with the controls and switches. Electrical connections and electrical controls are responsible for most system problems. Our professional repair technicians will ensure that control switches, circuit breakers and switches are all functional and fully operational when they attend to a commercial air conditioning repair problem.