Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has been the leader in industrial refrigeration for over 20 years. We specialize in injection molding, process cooling and Blown-Film used in the manufacturing of plastics. We provide our services to cold storage companies, supermarkets, restaurants and many more industrial facilities. We are the most reliable industrial refrigeration company in Los Angeles. Our consultants will implement a preventative maintenance schedule that is customized for your needs.  Our emergency repair service is available 24 hours a day.

Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration differs from commercial refrigeration in that industrial refrigeration units are heavier and can weigh up to 100 tons or more. Ammonia is the most common refrigerant used in industrial refrigeration. Commercial systems are modular and usually not centralized whilst industrial systems are centralized.

Industrial refrigeration temperatures vary  between  minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Industrial refrigeration is primarily used for processing and storage of food which is typical to refrigerated warehouses. Industrial refrigeration is also used for fruit and vegetable preservation and frozen pre-packaged meal storage. It is also installed in wineries, breweries, dairy processing plants and fish processing plants.

A large emphasis is placed on the environmental impact of wasteful energy consumption. Industrial refrigerator manufacturers are investing a lot of time and money to improve the energy efficiency of their new systems. It benefits the industrial companies through the generous tax exemptions that the IRS offers to companies that are environmentally friendly.

With the increased use of the internet you can find all the information you need on industrial refrigeration on company websites. Some industrial refrigeration companies have informative websites with optional pages where potential customers can enter the specs of the required system.  They will then receive a computer-generated drawing of the suggested system immediately. We are experts in customizing an industrial refrigeration project to suit your needs.