Air Conditioning installations are an integral part of our daily operations. Air Conditioning Installation have been installing several types of air conditioning systems in Los Angeles for over 20 years. Our installation process starts with a comprehensive assessment at your home or office to determine your air conditioning needs. You will receive expert advice from our professional team. We pay close attention to the size of your home before recommending a specific type and brand of equipment that needs to be installed. Our consultants use all the variables to design the relevant system for your home. We will schedule the installation after receiving your approval.


Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning installation covers a wide spectrum of services. It can be as simple as installing a window or a wall unit in a cool room or a large roof-mounted system that provides cooling for an entire office block, hotel or hospital.

The most basic air conditioning installation is that of a window unit. The installation process starts with the air conditioning unit being fitted into the opening of the window. If there are any opening between the unit band the window, pleated sliders will be fitted to seal the whole installation.

Central air conditioning installation are a little more complex and can take anything from 1 to 2 days and in some instances even longer. If you are replacing an existing air conditioning unit and the duct sizes are the same then should only take one day to complete. A new central air conditioning installation will take longer to complete.

Larger properties such as industrial, commercial and retail buildings require a thorough assessment of their cooling requirements. Technological and IT companies have computers and servers that are very susceptible to variations in temperature which makes their air conditioning project more challenging. A small pub has more basic cooling needs. We incorporate our air conditioning system design with that of other systems when we plan a project for a new building. This enables us to select the correct duct work, air handlers and air conditioning equipment to deliver for maximum utility and efficiency.