You can save thousands of dollars by having your air conditioning system repaired instead of replacing it. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has the expertise to determine the extent of the damage to your system, if it is worthwhile repairing it or whether to replace the equipment. Our certified technicians are trained to repair most of the major brands, in one day.

Air Conditioning Repair

We have all arrived at work on a steamy summer’s day only to discover that the air conditioning system is not working. Most of the time the reason for the system shut-down is simple and could be fixed very easily. In other cases the problems are more complex and it could take repair technicians hours to straighten out.

When your air conditioning system breaks down at home you should check the most common causes first. Start by checking the circuit breaker. Check the systems settings of your appliance to see if it shows fan, heat or a/c. When it comes to the outdoor cooling unit, you should definitely acquire the services of qualified professional to attend to the problem. Don’t risk your own safety.

A static condensing fan motor on the outside unit means that you need to replace either a capacitor or the motor. If the fan blade is tough to turn with your hand then you probably need a new motor.

If you are unable to switch the cooling unit on or off, then it is possible that dirt or grime has accumulated between the contactors of your power switch. Compressed air should get rid of the dirt on the contactors. It is advisable to call in a professional for more serious problems.