Most homeowners across North America use a Split System air conditioning system in their houses.  The systems comprise of an outdoor unit and an indoor air handling unit. For this system to function you need to have a large structure called the package unit installed on the roof of your home. Split systems are aesthetically more pleasing on the eye and provide flexibility. Air Wave Technologies, Inc. has experts that can install, service and maintain any split system air conditioning system or heat pump. We are authorized suppliers and installers of most of the leading brands. We will do an assessment at your home free of charge.

Split System Air Conditioning

Older houses or commercial buildings are most suited for fitting Split system air conditioning systems due the difficulties in fitting air ducts. As is the case with central air conditioning systems, split system air conditioning units have a compressor, condenser and an air handling unit containing a fan and an evaporator. The compressor and condenser are housed in an outdoor unit while the fan and evaporator unit are fitted inside the indoor unit which are located in the room that needs to be cooled. The indoor unit is connected to the one outdoors with a conduit that contains the power cable, refrigerant tubes, and the condensate drain.

The Major advantages of split system air conditioning units are their quietness, easy installation and versatility. No air duct installation is required with only an 8cm hole needed for the conduit. Every room has its own thermostat that enables you to switch off the air conditioner in rooms that are not occupied or used. There also is no need to heat air that has cooled when it passes through a duct. This adds up to a huge save in electricity costs.

The major  disadvantage of split system air conditioning units is that they cost about 30% more than central air conditioning systems and twice as much as window units. The system needs to be positioned properly otherwise air can deflect off a wall or obstruction resulting in short cycling, which not only limits the cooling efficiency but also wastes electricity.